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I have been designing websites of all sizes for over 20 years. I first learned Web Design and Programming through an intensive 10-month Web Programming Certificate program at Champlain College, St-Lambert, Canada.

My love for web design led me to complete an Associate's Degree in Internet Services Technology from Daytona State College and, more recently, a Bachelor of Science in Web Development from Bellevue University.

With over 20 years of experience, I specialize in creating custom websites for businesses of all sizes focusing on custom web design and development. I design websites with usability in mind. My designs are clean, practical, and marketing-driven.

I enjoy planning and implementing online marketing strategies to help businesses grow leads and drive engagement.

I frequently use Photoshop, Sublime Text, WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. I recently started playing with Material Design and hope to become friends with React.

I am fluent in English, French, and Spanish and hope to learn Portuguese one day through osmosis.

I live in a suburb in the Tampa Bay area with my assistant, a tiny Yorkie named Max, whose personality is bigger than the size of his little body.


Time flies when you are having fun. I have stayed busy over the years. I have worked on many projects in teams and by myself. The projects I have worked on include front-facing, password-protected webpages and back-end user portals.

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Wendy Leon

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I am committed to developing elegant user interfaces that raise the bar for functionality, user experience, and design. I have over 18 years of experience developing and maintaining websites for businesses of all sizes. My expertise includes Web Design, UX Design, Online Marketing Automation, Project Coordination, and Sales.


  • Web Design.
  • HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Responsive web design.
  • User-centered design.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Online marketing automation.
  • Project management.
  • MS Office.
  • Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, Magento.
  • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), Active Campaign, MailChimp.
  • Adobe Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.
  • I am fluent in English, Spanish, and French.
  • I am very productive, organized, and efficient.
  • I possess excellent verbal and written communication.
  • I maintain a positive attitude under stress.


Bachelor of Science in Web Development

June 2022

Bellevue University, Omaha, NE

  • Successfully completed the comprehensive Full-Stack Web Development Bachelor's program at Bellevue University, acquiring in-depth training in a wide range of advanced technologies and methodologies.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in utilizing React, JS, DevOps, Agile, API development, Angular, MongoDB, Node.JS, and Marketing to develop cutting-edge web applications.
  • Developed a strong foundation in marketing principles to comprehend the business aspects of web development projects.
  • Leveraged effective communication and teamwork skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams and contribute to project success.

Associate of Science in Internet Services Technology

April 2016

Daytona State College, Daytona Beach, FL.

  • Completed an Associate of Science in Internet Services, undergoing comprehensive training in A+, Network+, HTML, CSS, .NET, C, PHP, Python, and MySQL.
  • As part of the Internet Services Technology program, I received the following certificates:
    • Web Development Specialist Certificate.
    • Information Technology Administration Certificate.

College Certificate

December 2000

Champlain College - St-Lambert, QC

  • Completed the Associate of Science certificate in Web Programming, acquiring comprehensive training in various programming languages including HTML, CSS, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, Java, and MySQL.
  • Collaborated with peers on group projects, fostering teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving skills within a professional environment.
  • Developed a strong understanding of industry standards and best practices in web programming, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly websites and applications.

Professional Experience


03/2022 - Present

One Inc - Remote

  • Managed a large amount of incoming phone calls.
  • Answered inquiries received from various insurance customers and agents.
  • Build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication.
  • Reviewed all OFAC alerts and hits on the screening system and make sure they are cleared appropriately.
  • Properly documented, researched, and resolved payment issues.
  • Stopped/Reissued insurance claims payments.
  • Defused volatile customer situations calmly and courteously.
  • Referred unresolved customer grievances to designated departments for further investigation.


01/2023 - 03/2023

AT&T - Remote

  • Assisted customers in resolving product or service issues by actively listening to their concerns, empathizing with their situations, and providing prompt and satisfactory solutions.
  • Managed a high volume of incoming calls and emails, responding to inquiries and providing accurate information regarding company products, policies, and procedures.
  • Built and maintained strong relationships with existing and potential customers, ensuring high customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Developed and maintained strong relationships with clients by consistently delivering exceptional customer service and following up on their inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify and implement process improvements, to decrease customer complaints and increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Successfully restored brand reputation by addressing customer concerns, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


5/2022 - 11/2022

Fund&Grow - Springhill, FL

  • Developed and implemented responsive web designs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to enhance user experience and ensure cross-browser compatibility and seamless user interaction across multiple devices, resulting in increased website accessibility and improved user engagement.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze and translate user requirements into efficient and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Optimized website performance by conducting thorough testing, debugging, and code reviews to identify and resolve any front-end issues or bugs.
  • Developed visually appealing and user-friendly websites by designing engaging layouts, graphics, and interactive elements to enhance user experience.
  • Collaborated with clients to understand their brand identity and requirements, translating them into creative website designs that effectively communicated their message and objectives.
  • Conducted thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve any design or functionality issues, ensuring high-quality and error-free websites that met client expectations.
  • Implemented SEO best practices, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, resulting in better organic search rankings and increased organic traffic.


05/2019 - 04/2022

Verizon Wireless - Tampa, FL

  • Provided exceptional customer service to cell phone customers, with duties including explaining consumer cell phone plans, updating customer information, upgrading plans, processing sales, and canceling services.
  • Actively contributed to a high-performance team, surpassing sales targets by promoting cell phone plans and accessories to potential customers.
  • Conducted thorough troubleshooting of technical issues, demonstrating expertise in cell phone operations and effectively resolving problems.
  • Assisted clients in installing and configuring the My Verizon app on their phones and registering for additional services, including Verizon Up, Apple Music, Disney+, and Total Mobile Protection.
  • Remained courteous and calm, even during moments of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills, actively listening to customer concerns and providing empathetic support to enhance overall customer satisfaction.


01/2017 - 02/2019

PixelMamma - Tampa, FL

  • Developed wireframes and web mockups and translated them into HTML / CSS responsive websites
  • Designed and launched responsive WordPress websites
  • Planned and designed website navigation and functionality
  • Conducted light graphic design work
  • Conducted quarterly audits of website performance to optimize marketing plans
  • Designed and implemented landing, lead magnet, and content delivery pages to grow leads and drive engagement
  • Planned, implemented, and maintained successful SEO outcomes
  • Conducted thorough competitor analysis of ads, keywords, and landing page activities
  • Managed client digital marketing strategies to achieve goals and objectives
  • Implemented various marketing initiatives, including online advertising, to generate interest and leads
  • Assisted clients in setting up business social media profiles
  • Designed and implemented landing, lead magnet, and content delivery pages to drive lead generation and engagement
  • Implemented email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and sales funnels
  • Oversaw customer projects by assigning tasks, ensuring quality control, and meeting deadlines
  • Planned and executed marketing automation strategies


03/2015 - 12/2016

RGB Internet Services - Naples, FL

  • Created user-friendly wireframes by designing and implementing engaging layouts and graphics to enhance user experience
  • Designed and maintained responsive websites using HTML / CSS and diverse CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and Expression Engine.
  • Executed efficient SEO strategies, ensuring success and improved online visibility.
  • Collaborated closely with clients to identify business objectives, leading to the development and execution of effective online marketing strategies.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop user-centered designs that met client objectives and brand guidelines.
  • Collaborated with clients to understand their design requirements and develop customized websites that align with their brand identity, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and successful marketing campaigns.
  • Optimized website performance through continuous monitoring, troubleshooting, and code optimization, improving loading speed and enhancing user engagement.
  • Implemented responsive design techniques and ensured cross-browser compatibility to effectively reach a diverse audience across different devices, contributing to increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings.
  • Successfully managed multiple web design projects concurrently, prioritizing tasks effectively and meeting deadlines while maintaining high standards of design excellence.

Marketing Assistant

01/2013 - 03/2015

MaestroShield - Naples, FL

  • Light Graphic Design. Designed brochures, catalogs, user manuals, and product instruction sheets.
  • Website maintenance and email marketing.
  • eBay and Amazon product listing.


01/2003 - 12/2012

PixelMamma - Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Digital and Print Design.
  • Web design & Online marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Project management.


Web Development Projects I have worked on.

Web Design for Land Surveying Company in Miami, FL

Land Surveying Company

Web Design & Development

Alarm Company

Web & Logo Design

Concrete Paving Company

Web Design

Credit Broker

Web Design & Development

Airboat Tours - Web Design Client

Airboat Tours

Web Design

Credit Repair Company - Web Design Client

Credit Repair Company

Web Design

Home Remodeling Company

Web Design

Moving Company

Web Design

Excavating Contractor

Web Design

Tech & IT Staffing Company

Web Design

Hotel Management Company

Web Design


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